Booklyn is the plane of Tosta and her Místicas sisters. It's a anime themed world filled with stupid nonsense. The plane is small and the only known places are the City of Evil, the City of Good and the City of Sort Of and the battlefields in-between. The Creator lives in this plane and he sends bad guys from there to Skalgard occasionally.

Characters from BooklynEdit

  • Mostarda Mística
  • Mayonaise Mística
  • Feambri Keijoo
  • Vitamin Water
  • Hasdu Volante
  • Mu Ha Mad
  • The Summoned
  • Arizona Verdi
  • Dramadeus Emozart
  • Leticia Blackgale
  • Jevil Din
  • Dark Shadow Wolf 666
  • Tetrines Lumis
  • The Creator

Currently Planeshifted or BanishedEdit

  • Tosta Mística
  • Azhar Utheu
  • Gárgula Magma
  • Zomberilla
  • Theophrastus Bombastus