Wolfgang Glorian Whiplash was the third wielder of The Godslayer, and one of the most powerful Witchbloods in Skalgardian history. He was the leader of the infamous mercenary and guerrila terrorist organization Screaming Glory, and was the leading force in the Imperial Wars, killing 95% of the population of the empire almost single-handedly. After the empire's fall, Wolfgang was the main responsible for the death of Ripple, and was taken to another world as a result.

No Title

Full Name

Wolfgang Glorian Whiplash




Human Witchblood




Holadian/Imperial (By Law), Redlander (self-proclaimed)

Character Class









Konrad, Florian, Bastian, Konrad, Alexis

Character Planning HistoryEdit

Wolfgang's name comes from the creator's Guild Wars Necromancer character, it was meant to have a Heavy Metal inspired name. The only thing he did worth of praise was showing up on this: He shows up at 0:55, and his name at 3:37.

The creator was so proud of the name he gave to his character that he decided to make short stories around him. At first a frail and old necromancer, Wolfgang slowly shifted into a brutal badass gladiator and then the mercenary/marauder it is today.

Appereance and PersonalityEdit

Wolfgang was described as a man on his twenties with a mischievous and dirty grin. He is tall and skinny with long black hair and black coloured eyes. He has a ugly and big scar across his face, and Morgana said that there was a lot of scars in his body, but she didn't specify where in particular.

Wolfgang is very passionate about everything he does and has a bright, ruthless, destructive and optimistic personality. Through the story, many characters see Wolfgang as a selfish, goofy and terrifying mercenary with a burning hatred from the Empire. Feadric assumes at first that this is due to his mother's death, but Wolfgang denies it, proclaiming that his mother was a shameless bitch that failed at life. and that he just wanted to kill and fight people.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to five thousand years spent in the Abyss, Wolfgang's fighting and magical skills are exceptional and overpowered even without the Godslayer.

Wolfgang's weapon of choice is a chainsword named The Dethsaw, which he often uses as a back scratcher, turned on, just to mock and terrify his foes. His transmuting abilities are extremely high and he's capable of regenerating and recreating himself as many times he wishes to. Wolfgang befriended the goblins in the Abyss and is able to summon them at any time. Since they don't die and return to the Abyss, many tactics regarding goblins and suicidal and fast.

Wolfgang's fighting style is quirky and unpredictable, often hitting his foes very hard with punches and kicks, and then finishing them off with the chainsword. He has evocation spells regarding earth, thunder and fire, and sometimes he uses suicidal and crazy tactics. For example, against Malleus, Wolfgang lit himself on fire only to burn him.